Role of the system software in the computer system:

Introduction to system software:

The system software is software that is designed to provide a platform for other software. It is designed to run a computer’s hardware and application programs. Its works as an interface between computer hardware and user application. macOS, GNU/Linux, and Microsoft Windows like windows 7, windows XP/vista, windows 10, computational science software, game engines, software as a service application, and industrial automation, etc. are the examples of system software.

Different personalities and famous website articles used different terms like an interface between the hardware and user applications, platform provider for other software, low-level software, etc. to describe it.

What would be if there was no system software:

The system software is so important for a computer to function perfectly in other software, applications, and hardware. So, the use of system software is a must for a computer system and its user.

The allocation of hardware resources is controlled by the operating system of the computer.

Inputting data from peripheral devices, scheduling CPU processor time, managing memory use, sending output data to printers and, other peripherals are conducted by system software.

Mouse, keyboard, display monitor, printer, and hard drive, etc. peripheral devices are used by a computer system and these are operated by individual pieces of software that are called a device driver. And most drivers today use standard protocol assisted by system software.

It also includes many programming tools to operate computer systems easily.

There are so many security issues in a computer system as it is often connected to other devices, the internet, and multiple users. So, it may be attacked by viruses, hackers, and other threats. System software ensures more security for the computer system.

compressing disk drive and diagnosing disk problems; installing and uninstalling software; managing the recycling bin and performing system backup and restore, etc. administrative tasks are usually part of system software.

Computer system without system software:

A computer system without a system software is unimaginable. I can be a nightmare for today’s computer users. And modern computers may not even run without system software.

The ancient computers didn’t have an operating system or system software. There were huge machines with only one program to run. So, Not having a system software will take us back to the ancient times when multi-tasking like working on excel and listening to songs would be a daydream.

The computers working ability would be slower than a turtle if we compare to today’s super-fast computers.

Works would be a lot harder and longer.

Without an operating system, we would have been stuck in only one.

Our security would be in danger if we would not have it.

Computers would be costlier.

The computer system would be lo slower.

It would not do so many works as much as it can do with system software.

Computers would be less useful.

We would not be able to use one or many output devices if, didn’t have a system software.

Importance of System software for computer:

The importance of system software is many to describe. A computer system without a system software is like a cup of tea without a cup or a window seat without a window. Whenever we are turning our computers on, we start using the system software and we use it till we turn the computer off. Maybe we don’t notice but, we do. We often use multiple applications, programs, or software, and it is only possible if we have system software. It made using the computer system so easy that even kids can use it. It made the computer so fast. Multi-tasking is now a common matter. System software made the computer system more secure by proving more security. Other hardware and software depend on it. Modern computers don’t even work without an operating system.

It also includes some extensions, tools, debuggers, system utilities, etc. that are so useful to the computer users. The system software controls the basic functions of a computer.


The role of the system software in a computer system is huge. It is a part and parcel of a computer system. The system software is very important for a computer system. If you have a computer, you must have system software. We can’t imagine a computer without system software in modern days. We all should know all the functions and facilities of system software to make the best use of our computer system.

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