______Not Gonna Pay Back______

People thinks that they are winning.

Winning the arguement,
Justifying their faults.

Playing the blame game,
Establishing their thoughts.

Glorifying their problems over others’,
And proving someone as a complete loss....

But, it will never be known,
Maybe the other person lets you be the one,
Who has always won.

Keeping a hundred million thought,
Locked in an inventory account,
Inside his own.

The accounts of payable are increasing.
But, you can keep winning.
Cause what so ever, he's not paying!


…………………. The Unknown……………….

I have nothing to ask for,
Nothing to seek.
I am dead,
Yet I live.

My thoughts are faded
Just like me.
I am seen to all
Yet unseen.

I can see myself
But I won’t.
Do I know myself?
Maybe I don’t.

………………………… Sparkyez (Md. Siam Sayed)

I don’t usually write poems. Not even like I try. But sometimes you don’t have to be a writer to write meaningful words, you don’t need to be a poet to write a short poem.

If you ever try to dig deep down into your thoughts, then something deep will touch you. And if you like what you discovered from your deepest thoughts write it down. Doesn’t matter if others don’t like it. Not everyone sees your words from your point of view.

If your question is, how to manage time, you will get the perfect answer here. And the answer is, time cannot be managed. It is us who must manage ourselves to adjust to the flow of time. So, the first trick is, manage yourself to manage time.

Create time for your own

Are you tired…

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Siam Sayed Dhrubo

Content writer

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